IDWEY (means adventure in Amazigh); A name far from being random, we want you to live, through our startup, a typical Tunisian adventure while appealing to our culture, the history of this country and the traditions that specify us.


The site allows you in a few clicks to search, explore, book and pay for good outdoor adventure plans.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make people aware of ecological and responsible tourism and to encourage them to live an adventure while protecting nature, through ecological actions organized by IDWEY partners.

Our services

  • Accommodation and guest houses

    Are you looking for a place to spend the night? We put at your disposal a listing of guest houses, rental houses, camping centers, inns, rural lodging...
  • Events Calendar

    Listing of regional events, regional festivals and ecological actions organized by our partners throughout Tunisia...
  • Circuits & Experiences

    You can choose your desired date, with family or friends to book a whole tour designed by the IDWEY team or its partners.
  • Workshops & Activities

    You need a breath of fresh air! Choose your date and discover new activities: hiking, climbing, zip line, pendular jumping ...

Idwey: What impact!

As a startup included in the framework of the social and solidarity economy, IDWEY, works on several sustainable development goals:

  • SDG8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • SDG11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • SDG12: Responsible consumption and production
  • SDG13: Action on Climate Change

Through these goals, IDWEY focuses on achieving societal impact in Tunisia:

  • Economic impact: is to promote the economy of rural areas by creating jobs and sources of income for local people, spending directly at the local (trade, market or crafts)
  • Environmental impact: by making locals and tourists aware of the need to preserve the natural and cultural capital; It is through our initiative: One reservation equals one tree planted that we try to reach a carbon neutrality objective on all the travels of our visitors.
  • Social impact: by creating an ethical and cultural exchange between visitors and guests which allows to smile the spirit, to see things under another perspective always different...

Our story!

Founded in March 2020, IDWEY is an idea that responds to real needs experienced by outdoor activity organizers and nature lovers gathered since 2015:

How to make ecotourism information accessible to everyone!

How to offer a complete immersive experience to visitors!

To meet these needs, the founding team worked on the concretization of a concept that facilitates access to ecotourism information, that values the exchange between visitors and visitors and that raises awareness of environmental issues, hence the birth of the platform IDWEY.

Our team

Khouloud Kaabi


Borhen Mansouri


Meriem Amamou


Ahmed Naccache


Our Ambassadors

Jassem Gacha


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