Terms of use and safety rules

IDWEY is a web platform that allows travelers or locals to live outdoor experiences within the framework of regional and responsible tourism. Users will identify and rate these experiences so that everyone can discover and enjoy them. The purpose of IDWEY is to share information on regional tourism websites; the exchange of experience between users. Thus, it is for this purpose that IDWEY was developed, allowing travelers to connect with tourist service providers, in order to allow them to make the most of their experience. The use of the services of IDWEY assumes adherence to and compliance with the rules referred to in these general conditions of use.


IDWEY offers the possibility to any natural person aged 15 years and over, any representative of a legal person or any representative of a group to register on the website to allow the connection between a service provider and a traveler, the location and description of ecological tourism site subject to compliance with these general conditions of use. IDWEY only provides hosting on the website for host announcements and descriptions of sites for travelers, but does not intervene directly in the contract between them. IDWEY is not a travel agency, does not organize or sell individual or group trips or stays and / or services that may be provided in connection with trips or stays.


Access to IDWEY is via the URL www.Idwey.tn. Simple consultation and registration on the website are free. Registration can also be formalized through your social media accounts.


For individual customers payment can be made online or at IDWEY points of sale. It should be noted that IDWEY receives a commission per transaction. Associations are offered free reservations, event assistance and a special form to fill out.


The user must read and accept these GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE. Therefore, after having read them, he validates them electronically, it is undeniably presumed to have been aware of them, to have accepted them and to submit to them without reservation.


By accepting these GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE, the service provider declares to practice the reception of travelers on an occasional basis, recognizes and accepts that he is responsible for all the advertisements of the accommodation that he publishes, that he has the authorization to rent his place of reception, that he is in order with regard to the laws in force, that his place of reception is indeed existing as well as free upon the arrival of the traveler for whom the reservation was made validated. The service provider has a period of 24 hours starting from the reservation request made by the traveler to take note of the request and let it be known whether he is able to respond favorably. Failure to respond to the provider within the specified time will authorize IDWEY to suspend the provider's account. In the event of a repeated lack of response within 24 hours of the formalization of the request, IDWEY may delete the account. The service provider and the traveler are reminded that their relations are likely to be governed by the rules of contractual civil liability provided for by the Civil Code within the framework of the contractual relations which are established between them after the connection thanks to the IDWEY platform. Thus, IDWEY is not a party to this contract and therefore does not guarantee compliance with the commitments made by the latter in the context of their exchanges.


As part of the welcome requests generated via IDWEY, the service provider agrees to welcome the traveler in compliance with the GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE and refrains from any request for additional payment or any invoicing not expressly offered by IDWEY when inquiring about the announcement of the venue online, excluding any possible deposit. However, the service provider remains free to offer additional paid services during the reception if he wishes to make it easier for the traveler to come, IDWEY not intervening at any time in the organization of these additional services.


As part of the reception of the traveler, the service provider is likely to make him discover sports sites or archaeological sites. As such, he assumes all the responsibilities related to the discovery of the places in question, to the management of potential risks and which may vary according to the place. The traveler therefore recognizes that IDWEY assumes no responsibility for the organization of the discovery of these sites presented by himself, by the service provider, or by another user, nor the practice of a sporting activity in these premises. The service provider agrees to exercise caution and comply with all regulations to ensure everyone's safety. If, however, IDWEY should be held liable for damage affecting a person due to facts arising from these facts, the service provider and / or the traveler will report and guarantee IDWEY against all the harmful consequences that could be the consequence of any action. carried out against it in this capacity.


The law imposes a principle of contractual good faith prohibiting the service provider from using the services of IDWEY in order to be able, after an initial contact with a traveler via IDWEY, to subsequently benefit from direct contacts making it possible to bypass the platform. The service provider agrees to only use the IDWEY platform to continue any operation with the traveler connected through IDWEY as well as to dismiss the traveler if he requests it directly without going through IDWEY.


The place of reception offered by the service provider is illustrated by one or more photographs to allow the traveler to visualize as closely as possible the place of reception before possibly finalizing his reservation. A description accompanies these photos and describes the essential characteristics and recalls the proposed reservation rate, as well as the dates on which the reception can take place. This is in order to avoid disappointment of the traveler once there. The traveler must therefore be aware of the description of the accommodation.


IDWEY undertakes not to disclose any information collected by the user or the provider. Each data entered is confidential, in particular for payments; credit card ; number and email.

As a traveler, the data that counts your preferences, favorite places will be used to be able to link you with advertisements that go with what you want. But all other information on your account will be confidential.

As a provider, your locations and services will be made available to users to put you in touch with them. But all other information about your personal account and your transactions will be confidential.

All information, of whatever nature, that one of the parties may have gathered about the other party, in any form (oral or written) must be confidential. Thus, each party undertakes, on the one hand, not to disclose or to communicate to anyone all or part of this confidential information and, on the other hand, to take all measures so that this confidentiality is preserved. Each party, as beneficiary, undertakes not to make any use of confidential information for any purpose other than the performance of the Contract.