About idwey

...  Why idwey?

Because we are the first Tunisian regional guide while focusing on ecological, cultural and educational aspects. Our role is to promote territorial development by raising awareness to practice a new, more responsible tourist trend.

...  Who are you addressing?

Idwey is for individuals, families, couples and groups who want a regional tourism experience with a new vision.


...  Is my personal information safe with IDWEY?

Your personal information is carefully kept in our databases and is not disclosed or sold to any third party, or even to other travelers.

...  I did not see a confirmation screen, nor did I receive a confirmation email. Is my reservation registered?

Do not panic, it is automatically registered on our system, you can send a message explaining your case and we will intervene immediately, no need to fill in for a second time.

...  I have booked and paid the amount of the offers chosen. What happens next?

A confirmation email will be sent to you and you just have to wait for the date of your experience.


If you have any questions for additional information about your experience you just need to send us an email specifying your question and the name of the offer.

...  Can I change my reservation?

You will find all your reservations displayed on your profile and also in your basket, you can at any time as long as you have not yet confirmed your reservation, modify it or add other offers.


...  How to book with IDWEY on the internet?

You just need to complete the reservation form dedicated to the chosen offer, specifying the number of people, the dates if it is an activity and the preferred method of payment.


...  How can I check that my online reservation has gone well?

Once booked, you will receive a confirmation email in your mailbox and you can view your reservations on your profile under the reservation section.


...  How can I cancel my reservation?

It is favorable to cancel the reservation before 48 hours of going there, you just have to inform the team by email. If you have already paid for your offer you will surely be refunded.



...  Will I receive a confirmation after my payment?

Once payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your reservation regardless of your payment method.


Also you will have a voucher if you pay on the spot.

...  What are the payment methods ?

For process with different payment methods;


online payment for national and international cards with VisaCard and Mastercard, payment on site at our premises or you can request our RIB if you want to make a bank transfer.

...  How can I pay in cash?

Once you have chosen the method of payment in our offices, you have up to 48 hours from the time of the reservation to come and pay for your reservation.